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JSC (LTD) “Orel plant of drilling tools and equipment” offers the following services: Heat treatment, machining, polishing, tooth straightening work. In the arsenal of plant fleet of modern CNC machine tools.

JSC (LTD) “Orel plant of drilling tools and equipment” has an opportunity to perform the following activities:



We provide a range of services for external, internal grinding, grinding planes of different surface treatment required.



Modern CNC machines allow to provide a wide range of services for turning with accurate dimensions, as well as to make processing of massive parts of large diameters.

Milling machining


Available with CNC machining centers allow you to perform a wide range of milling operations with minimal cost and high quality.

Gear hobbing processing


We provide a range of services for the right side-cutting, involute splines, cylindrical rollers, as well as have the ability to manufacture cylindrical and bevel gears.

Gear Shaping work


CNC machines make it possible to perform both standard – slotted directly spillover, involute grooves and asymmetrically arranged grooves and slots in the special profile.

Heat treatment


A wide range of services for heat treatment of metals: volume hardening, carburizing, normalization, improvement and other work. Processing of parts from a few millimeters to the massive parts with diameter up to 400mm and up to 400mm long.

HD 120 kW
Heat treatment of individual sections of the details, the execution of works within a short time